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Garda Sol

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begins with quietude Our idea

of well-being takes shape when all tension leaves the body and any worries leave the mind. It is a game of vital harmony that needs balance for this reason, we kindly ask you to respect the following rules

1) Access to the spa is forbidden to minors under 18

2) In the spa, including the sauna, the use of a bathing suit is required, which is mandatory

3) In the sauna we ask you to sit on a towel without coming into direct contact with the wooden benches

4) In the sauna it is forbidden to use colored and / or microfibre towels, as, due

to the heat, they could fade or release micro particles harmful to the skin

5)In the Turkish bath: it is recommended to rinse the bench first to sit down, it is mandatory to rinse it at the end of the session.

6) Relaxarea: please do not occupy beds with towels and bathrobes. ”

7) It is forbidden to use personal oils or essences and any type of cosmetic product

8) We recommend that you leave the sauna environment if you do not feel well. A session lasts between 8 and 12 minutes, in any case not more than 15 minutes. Furthermore, we remind you to pay attention to hydration: it is good to drink water or a drink both before and after per session.

9) Please avoid wearing jewelry or watches inside the sauna

10) Please speak in a low voice: the Garda Sol Wellness SPA is a place of rest and relaxation

11) Respecting the peace of all guests, please do not use mobile phones or other electronic devices in the relaxation area, mute the phone and seclude yourself in case of urgent calls, and use headphones for listening to personal music at low volume.


We ask our guests to communicate to the staff any physical condition, allergy or other that may affect the choice of treatment. Access to the wet area is not allowed for children under the age of 18, pregnant women, those suffering from low blood pressure, heart problems and those with pacemakers.”


It is possible to rent the complete kit to access the spa: bathrobe, 1 towel and slippers at 5 € per person, or just the bathrobe at 4 €, the body towel at 2 €, the slippers at 3 €, the face towel at 1€. 



Pets are not allowed in the wellness center spaces.



In order to guarantee the availability of the desired treatments, please book them in advance, the reception of the hotel or the SPA are always at your disposal. tation of a treatment please notify within the previous 24 hours, in the case of packages and programs within 72 hours, otherwise, the treatments,package or program will be charged.



Male and female therapists are part of the Garda Sol team. Please report any preferences in advance, GardaSol staff will do their best to satisfy requests. ​