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Garda Sol ***S

SPA Hotel & Apartments

At Garda Sol we invite our guests to grasp the true essence of Dolce Vita... How?
Gourmet Experience
100 € per person
if during your stay you will have dinner 3 nights you will
( drinks- wine extra)
receive a 30% discount on the list of restaurants
special August and September 2021
stay 2 nights
every day week and week -end

Gourmet Experience

Garda Sol

SPA Hotel & Appartamenti

Via Roma 16

​25088 Toscolano Maderno (BS)

Tel.: +39 (0)365 641301

At Garda Sol we invite our guests to live a Gourmet experience accompanying you among the scents, colors and flavors of Garda … How?

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' With the 'Terrace on the Lake ' It is a pride to be able to offer a cuisine rich in flavors and traditions using the excellent raw materials that the lake and the hinterland offer us, fromfish to oil from cheeses to meat. '


This is the philosophy of our chef Roberto Magnini who is waiting for you to make you try a Garda gourmet experience with a 4-course dinner (drinks not included), served at our restaurant 'LaTerrazza sul Lago ' overlooking the beautiful Gulf of Maderno. This experience ends with a bottle of Garda wine served directly in your roomtotoast a romantic stay on the lake.


Price *: € 90.00 per couple * Not included

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